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Actinospaerium eichhornie

Actinospaerium lurking in the dark

Img0183 - Arbeitskopie 4

If you ever wondered where heliozonans got their name from ...

Img0205 - Arbeitskopie 2

When prey comes in contact with the axopodia (the rays) it is immediately immobilized. A food vacuole is build around the captured prey.

Img0213 - Arbeitskopie 2

When the food vacuole is complete it is drawn into the body of the heliozoan.


Actinospaerium eichhornie, polarized light

Img0185 - Arbeitskopie 3 (2)

This is not Elefant skin but an optical cut through A. eichhornie (DIC image).


Details of A. eichhornie. In the middle is the central food vacuole with some older food remains. If you look carefully you can see some of the many nuclei.

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