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Pseudospora parasitica
Spirogyra sp. 16x

Pseudospora parasitica is a parasite that feeds on Spirogyra algae.


P. parasitica has an interesting life cycle. When the swarmer finds a Spirogyra algae, it will drill a hole into the cell wall, morph into an amoeboid form and eat the cholorphyll. Afterwards it forms a ball and the chlorophyll (changing to a brownish color) is concentrated into another ball.


After the phagocytosis is complete, Pseudospora divides into many amoeboid flaggellates. If they find food they will resorb the flagella and continue the cycle. At some point (when food is sparse) it will form a zoocyst from which flagellated swarmers will emerge.


Pseudospora parasitica cyst


Pseudospora parasitica can be quite productive eating Spirogyra.

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